Best 10,000 Lux Light Therapy Lamps Reviews & Buyer’s guide 2020

Light can make you happier. Yes! Whether you don’t have enough time to get outdoors or are done with the gloomy winter weather, light therapy lamps can make you feel happier just by being in your room. 

Shifts in the number of daylight hours—due to changing seasons or long-distance travel—can have varying effects on people. For some, limited daylight hours can sap energy. But for others, the effects can be more serious..

Unsurprisingly, it is during this season that some people — who might not otherwise suffer from depression — start to feel anxious, sad, fatigued, irritable, and even hopeless. 

While SAD can strike you any time of the year, the depression sub-type is most often associated with the cooler seasons. 

Even if you don’t have SAD, most peoples’ circadian rhythm gets off in the winter, and sitting in front of a SAD lamp can only help. Just be careful if you do have a history of clinical depression or bipolar disorder — psychologists say the lamps can interact with medication or create an exaggerated response, so it’s best for anyone with these conditions to consult with a medical professional first.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with SAD or you’re simply looking to play around with light therapy, read on for the best 10,000-LUX SAD lamps available on Amazon.

Here, are the best 10,000 Lux light therapy lamps of your choice discussed below;

1-Light Therapy LampTaoTronics UV-Free 10000 Lux Therapy Light

2MIBEST 10,000 Lux Full Spectrum Light – 3 Level Adjustable Lamp 

3-Carex Day-Light Light Therapy Lamp – 10,000 LUX At 12 Inches 

4-Miroco Light, UV-Free 10000 Lux LED Light-Adjustable Brightness Levels

5-Theralite Aura -Bright Light Therapy Lamp

6-Verilux HappyLight VT20– 10,000 Lux Bright Light Therapy Lamp

7-Flamingo 10,000 Lux Bright– Light Therapy Floor Lamp

8-Circadian Optics Lumine Light Therapy Lamp10,000 LUX Ultra Bright LED 

9-Red Light Therapy Lamp– Light Socket and Glasses for Home Use 

10-Miroco Light Therapy Lamp, LED – UV Free 10000 Lux

Buyer's Guide- Best 10,000 Lux light Therapy Lamps Reviews 2020

How to choose the best Light Therapy Lamps:

Intensity: The lux is the unit used to measure light intensity. This is in a manner conforming to how an eye of human being perceives the light brightness. For instance, 50 lux denotes home average lighting intensity while 350 lux denotes amount needed in the office setting.

Full Spectrum Light: Although selecting a lightbox brand that emits full-spectrum light can be taken as purely optional, but if you come across a unit that appears promising and it provides full spectrum light then go for it. 

Size: Models featured in different sizes, but selecting the ideal lightbox with good surface area denotes better exposure to safelight intensity for your eyes. The light should enter via your eyes retinas which are transmitted and fed to the brain.

Avoid UV light: If you are trying to find suitable treatment solution for pains, jet lag and depression then avoid Ultraviolet light at all cost. Ensure that you conduct thorough consideration before deciding what a therapy lamp to buy. 


In conclusion, all therapy lamps reviewed above features in different sizes. Most of them are portable having brightness settings and other additional features such as optional aromatherapy.

In all honesty, the above products guarantee operation versatility, angle adjustability, portability and lifespan longevity. Hope the descriptions above are well detailed to make your choice easier. But all in all, you can go forward and place your order right away!

Hope, this article helped you in finding the suitable choice for yourself.

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