8 Best Sleep Eye Mask Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for a best sleep eye mask then you’re at right place. The difference between a great night’s sleep and an insufficient one usually comes down to obvious factors like your mattress, stress, and how dark the room is, but sleepers often underestimate the impact sleep accessories can have on their rest.The term ‘sleep eye mask’ refers to any lightweight barrier that is placed over the eyes during sleep, typically using an elastic band that wraps around the head. Sleep eye masks are useful for shift workers and other people who normally sleep during the day.

A very famous saying which is nowadays just confined to books. In this 21st century, our lifestyle has changed drastically. Change is an inevitable part of our lives.

Human sleep cycles correspond to the presence of natural light, causing us feel alert during the day and more tired at night; sleep masks create artificial darkness that allows sleepers to feel more relaxed and ready for sleep while the sun is out. Sleep masks are also useful for travel; they can help people fall asleep on planes and other forms of public transportation, and also ease jet lag symptoms.

Sleep eye masks are sleep accessories made from fabric that covers both eyes to keep incoming light to a minimum. By simulating darkness, the best sleep eye masks allow nightshift nurses and other workers with irregular hours to sleep in the middle of the day. They’re also useful for long flights, naps, and those who have trouble sleeping regular hours.

Sleep Eye Mask is the solution to this enormous problem. It is one of the most beneficial tools for those who wish to travel or sleep during the day.

In this guide, we’re sharing the best sleep eye masks of 2020 along with a buyer’s guide providing an overview of sleep eye masks available and considerations for buying.

1. YRCBHJ Electric Massager Sleep Eye Mask– Relieve Stress and Improve Sleep

YRCBHJ Electric Massager Sleep Eye Mask Key Features :-

2. AHELT J Eye Massager Compress Mask– Eyesight Care Eyestrain Stress Relief

AHELT J Eye Massager Compress Mask Key Features:-

3. YRCBHJ Foldable Eye Therapy Mask– With Air Pressure Vibration Music Heat Compress

YRCBHJ Foldable Eye Therapy Mask Key Features:-

4. AHELT J Electric Sleep Eye Mask– With Music Headache Relief

AHELT J Electric Sleep Eye Mask Key Features:-

5. AHELT J Sleep Eye Mask – Rechargeable with Vibration

AHELT J Sleep Eye Mask Key Features:-

6. YRCBHJ Sleep Eye Mask With Massager– Eyesight Care & Eyestrain Stress Relief

YRCBHJ Sleep Eye Mask With Massager Key Features:-

7. AHELT J Sleep Eye Massager Compress Mask-with Air Pressure, Vibration & Heating

AHELT J Sleep Eye Massager Compress Mask Key Features:-

8. AHELT J Electric Eye Massager with Air Pressure– Therapy Mask for Dry Eyes

AHELT J Electric Eye Massager with Air Pressure Key Features:-

Buyer’s Guide To Choose Best Sleep Eye Mask

Buying a sleep mask may seem like a simple errand, but there could be a few complications. When you actually go to buy it, you may find yourself with more varieties than you expected, so which one is the right one for you? This buying guide should help to make the decision easy. It is important to remember not to buy anything out of impulse, as sleeping masks are meant to be tailored to the individual and can actually have the opposite of their intended effect if you buy one that is not appropriate for your needs.

  1. The Shape: The overall shape of the mask that you will get and also its size are both important factors for you to consider when buying a sleep mask. Side sleepers in particular will need to keep the size of their mask in mind when shopping because they tend to move around a lot while they sleep.Most sleep masks will come in direct contact with your eyelids and keep them from opening freely with a gentle pressure, but some of them have cavities that allow you to open your eyes and see total darkness. If you would like to be able to open your eyes when wearing a mask then you should probably look at the ones that have these types of eye cavities.
  2. The Comfort: 

    Getting the right amount of quality sleep is a top priority, so choosing an eye mask that delivers on comfort is key. The position you sleep in will drastically affect how you feel about a brand.

    For example, side sleepers should get a slim and sleek design that won’t put pressure on the side of their face. They should check to see if the adjustable straps include a buckle and make sure that the hardware can be situated at the back of the head and not at the side.

  3. The Purpose: Sleeping masks in their most basic description are blindfolds. On the other hand, they can be so much more than that. There are pillow sleeping masks, or eye pillows, which are thicker and softer than a regular sleep mask. There are cooling masks, magnetic masks, and compression masks. You even have sleeping masks designed specifically for aromatherapy. If you have a specific reason to wear a sleep mask, for example to enhance your dreaming experience, then this will have a great impact on the type of mask that you will get.

  4. The Materials: The feel of the material is important but there are also other things to consider, like whether or not the material will irritate your skin and if it will make you feel hot or cool when you wear it for a prolonged time. Some masks will use a combination of materials and some may even include gel or foam inside to give the mask more structure or a specific shape, like eye cavities.
  5. Portability: If you are a frequent traveler, purchase a sleep mask that weighs less than a pound. You can look for masks that are foldable or come with a case.
  6. The Style: Dark shades like black and blue are the colors that you will normally see in sleep masks, but it is possible to get them in more color variations. If you are into fashion or just prefer a mask that stands out, you maybe tempted to go for one that is available in a fancy print or pattern. But if you do then I would strongly recommend that you research or test the effectiveness of the mask before you buy it. This is because prints and some colors are not as effective at blocking out light as are the regularly-used dark shades.

Consider all the advised buyer’s guide and you will be able to purchase a best sleep eye mask.

Conclusion To Purchase Best Sleep Eye Mask

When shopping for a new sleep mask and comparing different brands and models, here are a few factors to keep in mind:

Sleep masks are the most luxurious and flexible tool for everyone and are pretty affordable. We have mentioned a plethora of sleep masks. All have their pros and cons.

The buyers should buy sleep masks according to their suitability and check if the material suits them or not. All the information about the material has been listed above.

Composition: Sleep masks made of natural fibers will feel differently than those made of synthetic fibers, and the same is true of foam-based models.

Effectiveness: Although the difference may seem slight, a sleep mask that blocks out 90% of light will be far less effective than one that blocks out 95% to 99% of light.

Portability: If the shopper plans to use the sleep mask for traveling, a lightweight model that comes with a carrying case may be the best option.

Eye protection: Some sleep mask wearers don’t mind if their eyes come into contact with the mask, but for those who experience irritation and discomfort, a mask with recessed eye cavities will usually be best.

Band adjusters: For side-sleepers, a mask with plastic or metal band adjusters may cause discomfort by pressing into the side of their head.

Medical history: People with migraines, sinus problems, and other conditions that cause excess pain and discomfort in the head and face may be most satisfied with heavier, foam-based masks that apply slight pressure and alleviates these symptoms.

Sleep eye masks are indeed a boon for everyone. So what are you waiting for, find your suitable sleep mask and order at the sites mentioned above.

Keep Shopping!!!

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