Best Yoga Blocks Reviews

10 Best Yoga Blocks Reviews & Buyers Guide

You landed on the right article if you are looking for the best yoga blocks. For long working hours, we explored this area to select the top 10 available online. It’ll make your job much easier to buy a yoga block.

Yoga accessories are almost a basic requirement for those who practice yoga on a daily basis and are worried about achieving good quality and a sturdy product that will serve their true purpose. The Yoga Blocks are one such significant proposal.

A yoga practice to newbies often ends up not paying close attention to the fine details that are necessary to keep in mind while purchasing these blocks for yoga.

To make postures comfier, enhance their flexibility, and usually take their yoga practice to the next standard, yogis rely on yoga blocks.

A pair of yoga blocks is an essential part of your exercise for safety, comfort, and the advancement of your skill level, whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years.

So, here is the list of top yoga blocks that are popular with users and have believed to live up to their requirements in comparison. Before we get into the products, let us know a little bit about what are yoga blocks exactly.

What are Yoga Blocks?

Yoga Blocks are rectangular blocks that act to introduce the ground nearer to us as an extension of our feet and arms. Their main objective is to provide us with stabilization, consistency, assistance, and, most crucially, proper alignment of the body when doing any type of yoga with new and complex poses.

For newbies and people with damaged body parts, they are particularly useful as they offer help by not tensing the muscles and joints. Typically, they are made up of three materials- Eva foam, natural cork, and wood.

The material of the blocks would be based on the level of yoga in which you are involved. So, here is the list of the top 10 yoga blocks that will last with you for a long time.

1. JBM Yoga Blocks 2 Pack Plus Strap Cork Yoga Block Yoga Brick

2. Gaiam Yoga Block + Yoga Strap Combo Set

3. Cork Wood Yoga Blocks with Premium Designs

5. Hugger Mugger Yoga Foam Block

6. Topyea Yoga Blocks, Exercise Blocks

8. URBNFit Yoga Block– Moisture Resistant High Density EVA Foam Block

9. JBM Yoga Block Plus Strap with Metal D-Ring Yoga Brick Cork Yoga Block 6 Colors

10. Heathyoga Yoga Block (2 Pack) and Yoga Strap Set

Buyers Guide to choose the Best Yoga Blocks

If you want to purchase yoga blocks that are worth your money and are durable, then you should consider the following given factors.

1. Size- Be sure about what size you want or need for the yoga block. Based on the size of your hand, you can go for the extra-large ones or the smaller ones.

Depending on your height, choose your block size. The smaller sized block could be more effective than the bigger one if you are short. However, the larger block is much more relaxed and offers better assistance if you are taller.

2. Material- Different yoga blocks are made from three various materials. They have different appearances, different feelings, different prices, and different manufacturers. They are as follows-

  • Wood- Blocks with wood as the foundation material are high quality and tend to be costly. They weigh much more than cork and foam and, when moving a long distance to the yoga class, can present a challenge.
  • Cork- Another material that helps in preserving the environment is cork, which is important for yoga enthusiasts and professionals. They are solid but not as successful as woodblocks.
  • Foam- The lowest-priced one, which is cheaper than wood and cork. Likewise to the other two, they work and are softer in design and weight.

3. Shape- Generally Yoga blocks are rectangular. However, when shopping for yoga blocks, there are many other shapes that one can come across. A yoga block also comes in square shape and egg shape.

4. Quantity- Another crucial factor to look into is the number of blocks you are going to purchase. Yoga instructors always recommend to buy at least two, but if you want some backup, you may even buy more.


There is much more than a single block of yoga has to give. They not only balance, stabilize, and stimulate flexibility, they also assist you in achieving your goals in yoga. Pick a piece that suits your desire, i.e. in the right color, material, shape, and size.

All the above yoga blocks are widely known and demanded by the customers who are dedicated yoga professionals and would therefore it will be a fantastic pick for you to go for any of them.

If you are a beginner, use a yoga block for support and stability. Stick to the price range or choose a different component that suits your budget.

Your yoga equipment should be in place so that you do not have to compromise. You can choose any from the above list, and we don’t think you’re going to regret it.

Hope you like our article and get the information that you want. Stay fit and keep doing Yoga!

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